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Eligibility to Request a Transfer:

  1. A newly hired employee must have completed probation in order to be eligible to apply for transfer.

  2. An employee must have been in his/her current job position for a minimum of six months.

  3. All required training and personnel documents must be current.

  4. Employee must have a satisfactory rating on his/her most recent Performance Evaluation.

Note: Any exceptions to the above eligibility requirements must be approved by management.


Procedure for Transfers:

  1. Complete and submit a transfer form. and submit it to the human resources coordinator.

  2. The human resources coordinator will review the eligibility requirements and submit the form to the general manager.

  3. The general manager will forward the form to the supervisor for the position to which the employee has applied.

  4. The supervisor will conduct an interview with the interested applicant.

  5. A determination will be made and the employee informed of the decision.

  6. If the transfer request is approved, the current supervisor and new supervisor will determine, together, when the transfer will become effective.


Management reserves the right to transfer staff at any time, based on company needs.

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