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Hydrant Flushing Ensures Clean Water and Fire Protection Safety for Community

In May, the Bay Minette Fire Department (BMFD) will conduct routine fire hydrant flushing and testing from Monday to Thursday until the process is complete.

Hydrant flushing is crucial for maintaining water quality and clearing water lines of sediment and other deposits that can accumulate over time. It also ensures that community fire hydrants are functioning correctly.

While this maintenance is highly beneficial for residents, it may temporarily result in low water pressure and water discoloration. Although the water may appear discolored, it is still safe for use. However, as a precautionary measure, it is recommended to run your tap until the water runs clear before consuming or using it for cooking. Additionally, refrain from doing laundry until the water color returns to normal to avoid potential staining.

For any questions, issues or concerns, please contact Mike Minchew at the BMFD at (251) 580-2552.

We appreciate everyone's cooperation in advance and apologize for any inconvenience caused by the scheduled flushing. North Baldwin Utilities and the City of Bay Minette are committed to ensuring the continued safety and quality of our water supply.

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