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Earth's Essential Element


North Baldwin Utilities works to protect your water supply by maintaining existing water systems, treating used water, drilling new wells, improving technology, and testing water for purity and quality. The North Baldwin Utilities water system consists of distribution pipe ranging in size from 3/4 inches to 12 inches. The system’s water is supplied by eight water wells, having a combined pumping capacity of 4,680,000 gallons per day. The system has eight water storage tanks. The tanks range from 250,000 to 1,500,000 gallons in storage ca­pacity. The newest tank is in Little River and has a storage capacity of 250,000 gallons.


2024 Water Quality Report

NBU tests our water to ensure a clean, reliable product. Our annual report serves as a brief but accurate picture of the quality you know you can trust. Committed to products that have been and remain safe to drink, we are constantly working to improve processes and protect our supply.  


Lauren D. Bounds Jr.

Water Distribution Supervisor


Water Customer Resources

*Alabama law requires everyone to contact 811 at least 2 full working days prior to the start of any excavation project. 

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James W. Dean

Water Treatment Supervisor


Utilities United (ACF)

Utilities United officially launched in 2019 with a goal to educate the public about the importance of the local environment and what people can do to help keep it healthy. Utilities United is lead by Alabama Coastal Foundation (ACF) who also sponsors the program "Share the Beach."


Jeffrey L. Donald

Chief Operations Officer

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