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As fellow members of the North Baldwin community, we are reaching out directly to make you aware of the ongoing situation regarding current water service in your area and the options available to you.


Over the years, many of you have reached out to NBU for help or suggestions concerning water rates, service interruptions and dirty water complaints with your current water service provider.

To give you some background, NBU has met with WHWS’s board members on several occasions to discuss a merger with the NBU family of water systems and the resulting benefits to both White House Fork customers and current NBU customers. Better water quality, improved reliability and responsiveness in service, and a reduction in water service rates are just a few of the benefits discussed. Unfortunately, the WHWS board has once again rejected the offer to join NBU’s ever-growing and improving water system. 

NBU is an organization committed to the growth and betterment of our community. While we wanted you to be aware of the most recent rejection by the WHWS Board, more importantly, we wanted you to know that you, as part of the White House Fork community, have a voice. You have options.  


NBU’s intentions are to be as transparent as possible, and our goal is simple - provide White House Fork with access to better resources and better services at a fraction of what you’re paying now.


We will keep you updated on upcoming public meetings and the steps you can take to have this proposal brought to a vote by your WHWS board. In the meantime, please feel free to contact our office directly with any questions or concerns.


NBU Board of Directors & Staff


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Our goal is simple...
provide better resources & better services
at a fraction of what you are paying now.

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