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Natural Gas Public Awareness Survey $100 Gift Card Winner

NBU supplies high-quality natural gas to our customers. We are committed to environmental protection and public safety. For this reason, NBU periodically surveys any resident living with or near a natural gas line. To encourage participation, those who complete and return the survey are entered into a drawing. The 2020 Natural Gas Public Awareness Survey random winner was Lonell Peacock. Pictured left, Peacock (left) receives $100 Gift Card from NBU's Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Jason Padgett (right).

​Pipelines are the safest, most reliable and efficient manner of transporting natural gas. A unique advantage of pipelines is the ability to transport one of our vital resources safely without damaging our environment. NBU takes great care to follow the highest industry standards to provide quality services to the residents of Baldwin County. Pipelines are monitored through a combination of systems and safety programs. This includes frequent inspection on foot. In addition, state pipeline inspectors evaluate whether operators are being diligent in meeting regulatory requirements, conducting proper inspections and making necessary repairs.

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