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Call 811 Before You Dig

The Department of Transportation and the City of Bay Minette Ordinance #753 require NBU to have a damage prevention program. The purpose of the program is to prevent damage to facilities by digging or excavation activities. Damaging utilities while excavating can result in damage to equipment and injury to personnel. Excavation activities as defined in the regulation include excavation, blasting, boring, tunneling, backfilling, the removal of above ground structures by either explosive or mechanical means and other earth moving operations.

NBU participates with Alabama One Call Center for requests to locate facilities. The law requires that you call the state One Call System (811) or 1-800-292-8525 at least 48 hours before you dig or ex

cavate. If the Alabama One Call Center is not called and damage occurs, NBU policy is to bill for all associated repair costs including the cost of lost natural gas.

The One-Call System provides a ticket number and a verbal list of the utility companies being notified. Companies that own buried lines near your work site will then locate the underground facilities and mark them accordingly. Be sure all applicable utilities have marked their service lines before digging. All paint, stakes or flags should remain in place until your project is complete. The uniform color code for marking underground facilities is included.

Potential Hazards

Flammable, explosive mixtures may travel to an ignition source in the air. Inhaling vapors may cause dizziness, headache, loss of coordination and consciousness. Contact may cause burns or severe injury.

Actions to Take if a Leak Occurs

  • Leave area immediately!

  • Do NOT breathe OR make contact with leaking liquids

  • If possible turn off any equipment in or near suspected leak. Abandon equipment being used and move upwind from suspected leak.

  • From a safe location,

  • call 911 and the pipeline company, giving your name, phone number, and leak description and location.

  • Warn others to stay away

  • If leak has ignited, extinguish only secondary fires.

  • Notify NBU if you cause or notice any damage to the pipeline, no matter how small.

Signs of a Gas Release

  • Sight - Blowing gas, dead or dry vegetation, or bubbles in the water near the pipeline

  • Sound - Whistling, hissing or roaring noise

  • Smell - Odorized to smell like “rotten eggs”

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